How to De-Crystalize Honey:

Our Challenges

The major challenge we have suffered so far is CRYSTALLISATION. Some customers have had little or no knowledge about crystallisation and as a result have complained that we have added sugar to the honey. This we have explained and tested our honey from the laboratories to attest our genuinely.

Crystallisation or granulation is a natural and spontaneous process and every raw or untreated honey will crystallise with time.

Simply put, crystallised honey and runny honey are like liquid water and solid water (block). Same composition different states.  The liquid changes to solid with all constituents kept intact. Crystallisation does not affect the quality of the honey and it is the most obvious sign of a raw, pure, untreated and natural product.

All honey will granulate given ample time, some types of honey will granulate more quickly than other types, but there is no need to throw away granulated honey.

The speed of crystallisation is highly influenced by the nectar sourced by the bees, methods and season of harvest, and the storage temperature. Crystallised honey will last for many years in a sealed container and still have the same authentic taste as straight from the beehive.


How to De-Crystallise Honey

How to De-Crystalize Honey

Bring the water to boiling state, remove the pan from the heat source and then place your jars of honey into the hot water. Let the water cool until it reaches room temperature and check your honey. If there is any crystallization left, repeat the process until the honey is crystal free.
Caution: Never use a microwave to de-crystalise honey. The microwave generates heat which kills enzyme and other important properties of the honey.