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Orange Blossom Vs Multifloral Honey

Rainforest Honey – Product Information

Rainforest honey is a product of nature rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, antibacterial and other properties which add diverse nutritional value to the human diet. Rainforest Honey is a certified 100% Ghanaian Honey sourced from registered trained local farmers in the tropical Regions of Ghana through our quality control unit.

Our honey is carefully selected for purity, aroma and colour.


Types of Rainforest Honey

Our focus is on two major types of honey; Orange Blossom Honey from a citrus farm and Multi-floral Honey from the wild forest. This is to provide an alternative for our customers who would otherwise not opt for the distinctive strong aroma of the multi-floral honey which is the most common honey in Ghana.

As a general rule, light-coloured honey is milder in taste as compared to the dark-coloured honey. Both are tested before every production and are strained to remove debris for quick consumption or applications.

Orange Blossom: This is our premium honey and it is made from the nectar production of citrus plants with orange trees being the predominant. Orange Blossom Honey has a unique fragrance which makes it an unforgettable honey. It is mild and explodes with bold sweetness, fruity, citrus taste and incredibly aromatic. Orange Blossom Honey can add a special dimension to any occasion. Try our Orange Blossom honey on a toasted bread.

Multi-floral Honey: As the name suggests multifloral honey is known as honey of a thousand flowers.  Bees collect nectar for this honey from many different flowers blossoming at the same time in forests. It has a distinct taste and smell, darker in colour which varies from one nectar source to the other.


Creamed Honey: Creamed Orange Blossom Honey is 100% pure that has been finely crystallized into a creamy spread.  Creamed honey is perfect for bread, pancakes, bagels or biscuits because it spreads so easily. Creamed honey is also called whipped honey and spun honey. It is naturally sweet and healthy.

As part of our principles, company rules and regulation we do not heat our honey, add preservatives nor additives. This is because heat kills essential enzymes in the honey and there is absolutely no reason to add preservative or additives to a natural based organic Honey.